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Due to current global events, Guy is currently offering a 70% discount off this program.
4 WEEK Interactive Program
Consciously Creating From The Inside Out
"Given the right tools, road map, open mind & a willingness to 'do the work', this process can be life changing". 
- Guy Lawrence
Dr Carla Stanton, Medical Director of HeartMath UK
" As a doctor, the power of the mind-body connection has always fascinated me. Guy’s ‘Let it in’ program is an amazing tool to not only understand the science behind meditation and the mind-body connection, but more importantly to learn how to actually apply all this information into your own life in a practical way. 

Guy’s authenticity and genuine care for people, combined with his intimate knowledge and experience with these tools, have created a unique program for true transformation. Thank you Guy for all you have taught me, and all you do - you are a true inspiration!"
If you are time poor, and want to learn a proven process that demystifies meditation and enhances the quality of your life in all areas within weeks; Then you are ABSOLUTELY in the right place!
This 4 week program is for you if...

  You are wanting to RELIEVE stress and anxiety in your daily life and get support from others who have walked this path before you.
 You appreciate that life is a gift and you want more Clarity, Connection and Courage in your daily life to fullfill the things your heart desires.
  You are wanting to DEMYSTIFY meditation with a proven road map and structure to enhance your daily life and wellbeing. 
  You LOVE self-development and are always looking to up-skill your personal growth as you believe in constant never ending improvement .
4 Week Program
Learn Skills For Life
A step by step proven system where thousands of people have taken this path before you.
WEEK 1  -  Find your feet...
We kick off week one with a few simple tasks to help you find your feet. Each day you will also practise the course's 10 minute meditation 'New Beginnings'.

You will also be guided through with a few short videos to begin to put the meaning behind the work.
WEEK 2  -  'What do I want?'
With the foundation set from week 1, here we begin to build upon everything we have started to practise.

We start to dive into the 'What Do I Want?' process. This begins to unearth what lays beneath the surface and taps into what our heart desires.
WEEK 3  -  Amplify the work...
With a deeper understanding of the whole process, we can now start to hone our skills to truly practise becoming the 'observer'.

We amplify our meditations with a 20 minute 'Open Focus Gratitude' meditation to support the course work. Now we are really starting to tap into the subconscious.
WEEK 4  -  Surrender & let it in...
Here we put everything together. We would have followed the steps over the first 3 weeks, and will really starting to notice the difference as we enter week four.

This is where we dive into the heart and begin to align it with our mind, creating more alignment in our lives.
Three easy to stream meditations that support the content of the program. Non-tech savvy need not worry!
Have direct access to Guy via the private community forum. You can ask any question and Guy will be able to answer it here for you during the 4 weeks..
Each week you get the opportunity to dive deep into the common concerns and questions that have come from previous participants.
You are not alone. The private community forum is the jewel of this program. Hear from others who are going through the same process. This is priceless!
Plus these incredible  ⬇BONUSES ⬇
Weeks 1-4 - Weekly Live Online Meditations
During this time of need, Guy is increasing his live meditations for all 4 week participants.

Using the collective energy of the group and online technology called Zoom (and from the comfort of your own home), we will come together as a group to meditate. 

If you are new to this work or don't meditate, from the outside looking in this may seem a little strange. But the results from this have been quite incredible and the benefits are powerful, including:

- Amplifies your meditation and helps train the nervous system
- Increase energy levels
- Reduces stress and anxiety
- Keep you on track and accountable with your own practise
- Starts the day in an incredibly positive way
- Speeds up the process of your understanding with this work
- They are really enjoyable!

  Press Play to listen to other people's experience of Let It In:
Computer Programmer
Agency Account Director
Civil Engineer
Hi I'm Guy!
I help people bridge the gap between the life you currently live and the life your heart wants to live.
After over 10 years in the health & fitness industry, I had explored every fasciate. I quickly realised, if you want any kind of long-lasting transformation, it was an inside job. This led me to dive deep into the Mind-Heart-Body connection, where change can truly occur. 

This program is an accumulation of my discoveries, without the fluff that gets to the heart of the matter.
Brent Sankey, Let It In program participant.
"Holy S#$t Guy! I have just watched the week 2 masterclass and earlier today listened to your Josh Komen podcast. I have to say i was in tears as well driving along listening to the podcast and i had to take a couple of breathers during the masterclass to absorb some of the points that came up in the conversation. I especially liked when you said about not knowing where the conversation was going to go during the masterclass and then just going with it and seeing where it ended up and the help that the group gave each other.

I can see what you mean about the types of people in this group and the level of conversation and depths that are reached.
I'm working away, loving every minute of it and its really a good continuation of all of the concepts and work that i have been doing to become a better version of myself.
Thanks for doing what you are doing!!!"
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3 x Weekly Payments
Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee During Your First Week

When you join Let It In, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the first week of the four week program, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

How much time each week do I need to commit to the program?
You start the program with a daily 10 minute meditation. The core content video are between 5-15 minutes long. They are full-free and go straight to the heart of the matter. You can binge on them or watch one daily, giving you more than enough time to get through them.
If you can find 15-30 minutes a day, or 2-3 hours a week, you'll have more than enough time.
Do I need to attend the live bonus classes?
It will certainly help, but it's not a necessity. The program is designed as a stand alone as well. In saying that, experiencing a live meditation on Zoom with a community is very special, and most people report a much deeper experience which certainly helps overall progress. 
How long do I have access to the program for?
You will be given access the weekend before the 4 week program starts. You will then have access during the four weeks and one week after the program has finished. It is set up this way with your best interest at heart. The program is designed in a way so it fits in with your schedule. It's your responsibility to follow the program through to get a result. If you want to take this work further, you'll be given opportunity for the next steps to continue to work with Guy.
Is this for beginners or advanced?
It doesn't matter where you are at with this work as everyone who does the work will benefit over the long-term.  All people with all abilities are welcome :)
How do I know if I'm ready for this?
If you have an itch inside of you that you struggle to scratch, or a yearning for more that you can't quite put your finger on... then you're ready ;) If all you did was say 'I'm gonna give it my best and see what happens', I'd be really surprised if you weren't better off mentally, emotionally and physically than you are right now.
Do I need a Facebook account to join this program?
No. We use a dedicated easy to use private forum which is housed inside the membership.
What if I join and don't use it?
Then you won't get the results. I can show you the terrain you need to help you get to your destination, but you have to walk the path.
What would you say to someone thinking about doing the four week program?
"Oh Wow. Well, I would say... mean, you, you offer such reasonable rates and like it's money back guarantee, So that should remove any doubt anyway. If you’re fully in doubt, then it’s not for you. Um, but if there’s something about you that’s thinking, hmm, could that be interesting? Then you literally, there’s no barrier. Just do it as you won't regret it!" - Nicki
Get in and have a go!
"Guy’s in this because he’s got a message and he wants as many people to hear the message that he’s got. And he’s just true, down to earth, leads by his heart. If anyone … I suppose I had thoughts of that in the initial … but if anyone looks and thinks oh it’s just another money grabbing set up. Far, far from it. This is a guy that’s done the work himself and he’s just got a message to share. So get in and have a go. - Chris
If you want to know what your future holds; CREATE IT!
"If you want to know what your future holds, create it!" - Brendan
You might be amazed at what happens.
"... you’ve got nothing to lose. Like it doesn’t take up that much of your time. Like anything, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it, but in reality it’s easy to fit in if you make it a priority and it will … you do it right and it will change your life. If you’re reading this then obviously they’re people that are interested in furthering their development and changing their life. You might be amazed at what happens." - Belinda


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