Introducing the the LET IT IN Academy... A proven roadmap to DEMYSTIFY MEDITATION & NEUROSCIENCE, and how I, Guy Lawrence, apply these tools and techniques daily to create the life I TRULY want.
Learn the proven process to cultivate true direction, strength, fulfilment  & happiness from the inside out from others who have already done the same...
Get Instant access to the training, coaching and exclusive LET IT IN community with other members that will help you on your journey of self-discovery.
Get Direct Access To Me And Other Experts
When you join the Let It In community you get direct access to me, Guy. Also a supportive community that will help you hit the fast forward button on bridging the gap between the life you live and the life your TRULY WANT to live by applying the strategies inside here..
You'll also learn how I:
- Have found my purpose in life using these techniques

- Was able to step away from the security of my company 180 Nutrition & everything I knew to follow my deepest hearts desires without fear or negative self-talk holding me back.

- Got out of the rat race to live a life of more abundance, connection and flow than I ever thought was possible.
 Watch this video to see if the Let It In Academy is right for you...
 What You'll Get
Instant Access To My High-Value Programs
You will be able to start implementing immediately Guy's proven Let It In 4 week program at your own pace. This proven course will have you up and running in no time with the support from Guy and a very engaged community.

For those that are committed to 'doing' the work, the results have been staggering from this program alone. This program alone sold for $297.
Monthly Coaching & Guest Experts
Each month we conduct a live group coaching session. You can attend and ask questions live. The best part is, if you can't make these calls live, simply submit your questions in advance. Every call is recorded so if you can't make it you'll always have the recordings available.

To master any skill and create abundance and transformation in your life, a balance of learned knowledge, applied action and accountability is needed in a supportive environment.

BONUS - If you prefer to listen than to watch videos, you'll be happy to learn all calls are also available via audio.

You will also be able to have instant access to all the previous expert masterclasses when you join. 

BONUS - All the guest experts are members of the Let It In academy so you will be able to ask them directly any questions you have via the community.
Help, Support & Encouragement From A Private Community
The Let It In community is the heart and soul of this Academy. A membership like this tends to attract a certain kind of person that wants to evolve, grow and expand and deepen their understanding of this work.

This is pivotal to your success. You will get regular updates from me to keep you on track. But most importantly, you will be able to interact with like minded people on this journey and know that you are not alone. You will be able to share your wins and experiences and have the support of the community right behind you. Honestly, this really is quite special.
Power Up Your Mornings
Using the collective energy of the group and online technology called Zoom, we come together as a group to meditate (currently once a fortnight).

If you are new to this work or don't meditate, from the outside looking in this may seem a little strange. But the results from this have been quite incredible and the benefits are:

- Amplifies your meditation and helps train the nervous system
Keep you on track and accountable with your own practise
Starts the day in an incredibly positive way
Speeds up the process of your understanding with this work
They are really enjoyable!
Your Own Private Coaching With Guy
You will be able to get private access to the expertise of Guy Lawrence in your own private members area. This is alone is priceless and will save you a huge amount of time and effort trying to figure it all out yourself... and is included in the membership

Here is how the private coaching works:
You'll have access to a private discussion room. Only you and Guy can see this discussion. Guy will help answer your most pressing questions. Together you can come up with the solutions to help you get the results you want faster moving forward.
"If you want to go quickly go alone. If you want to go far, go together"
- African Proverb
What Other People Are Saying:
David O'Brien
Owner of 5th Element Wellness
Agency Account Director
Pierre Blom
Civil Engineer
Dr Carla Stanton, Medical Director of HeartMath UK
" As a doctor, the power of the mind-body connection has always fascinated me. Guy’s ‘Let it in’ program is an amazing tool to not only understand the science behind meditation and the mind-body connection, but more importantly to learn how to actually apply all this information into your own life in a practical way.

Guy’s authenticity and genuine care for people, combined with his intimate knowledge and experience with these tools, have created a unique program for true transformation. Thank you Guy for all you have taught me, and all you do - you are a true inspiration!"

Shaun O'Gorman - Human Behaviour, Critical Stress & Resilience Consultant
“Guy’s Let It In Program helped me to understand the science and physiology behind meditation and the reaosn it has such an impact on my life. I have used meditation before but this took it to a whole new level that really opened my eyes to the benefits.

I have been thorugh a particularly stressful and intense period of life lately and the skills I have used from Guy’s work has helped me stay calm and focussed and get through. The group support and ongoing education componoents are amazing. GET ON IT!!!!”
 As you master these skills, you will then be able to tap into the collective power of the community via Group Intention Meditations...
Embrace the philosophies of the new science. Guy is an ex rugby player from Wales. He is only interested in practical based applications that is backed by science and will have a direct correlation on ourselves and how that can improve our day, our circumstance and ultimately our lives.
Utilising The Power Of Zoom 
Using the very user friendly Zoom technology, Guy conducts regular group meditations, intentions and discussions. These support all the programs within the academy and will help you stay on track in a very supportive friendly environment.
Listen To Annie's Experience
Once you are up to speed with the program, you will start to understand the TRUE POWER of this work.

In this video, Annie shares how, even though she 'knew' what to do, she was tiered of simply surviving and running off buried belief systems. Let It In allowed her to turn that knowledge into an embodied understanding and connect with herself again.

"You can know something intellectually, but it's not until you experience it that you TRULY know it" - Annie Peros

Posted by Guy Lawrence Page on Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Listen To Eddie's Experience
Once you are up to speed with the program, you will start to understand the TRUE POWER of this work.

In this video, Eddie shares his experiences from our recent group intention meditation we held for the Let It In community. If you are willing to 'Do The Work' and practise, this work can be truly life changing.
Supercharging Our Intentions

"It was like my ribs were popping out at the sides & I was filling up like a ballon!" Discover how our intentions can be amplified and combined with a meditation practise so we can make true change in our lives. Big thanks to Eddie for his complete openness and honesty as he shares his experience. You can see the full interview and transcript here: --> Registration opens this Wednesday for my 4 week Let It In program with a Monday 14th May Start. Would love to see you in there.

Posted by Guy Lawrence Page on Monday, April 30, 2018
The Let It In Academy is ideal for you if you have asked yourself these questions
  • How can I get a clear step by step plan with meditation?
  • How can I calm the monkey mind?
  • How can I have more control over my habits, feeling and emotions?
  • Where can I expand my learnings without the hype or fluff?
  • Where will I get support and encouragement instead of people being negative and holding me back?
  • Where will I meet and connect with other like minded people?
  • How can can I fulfil this deeper yearning inside of me?
If you've asked yourself any of these questions, and you are tired of struggling with a meditation practise to create change and long-lasting fulfilment, then this online community is for you!
Helping you get there faster
Inside the membership we help you maximize your results and solve your most pressing problems. Simpy post your success or struggles in the private section or within the community. If you need help with the following:
  • If you are not getting the results others are getting
  • If you are tired of struggling without guidance
  • if you feel stuck or trapped
  • If you are lonely
  • if you are confused and not sure what to do
  • If you tried different programs but nothing seems to work
  • If you want direct chat access to me, Guy
Who is this NOT for?
Let's be honest here, the Let It In Academy is not going to be for everyone. Guy works extremely hard in keeping this community in a very positive state that inspires and supports people. There's no B.S allowed and everyone here in including Guy does everything in a manner that supports the collective energy of the community.
  • Anyone looking for a Quick Fix and doesn't understand that this is a process.
  • People who are not willing to change and try new things.
  • You don't have an open mind.
  • Complain about money constantly and don't see value in yourself and your wellbeing.
  • You already know it all.
  • You expect results without actually 'doing the work' and are not willing to take responsibility for your own actions.
What Other People Are Saying:
Zane Walker
Personal Trainer, Virgin Active
Linda Bruce
Joe Gill
Computer Programmer

DOORS CLOSING Nov 30th. Learn More --> This work is defining the next level of wellness. Let It In is a proven roadmap to DEMYSTIFY MEDITATION & NEUROSCIENCE to create the life you TRULY want. Learn the tools & techniques to live a fulfilled purposeful life. If you are not happy with your current circumstances and want to create change, you don't have to do it alone. With no contracts and at just $39/monthly - try it for a month... what have you got to lose? Learn More -->

Posted by Guy Lawrence Page on Thursday, November 22, 2018
Gain instant access to all these resources and take the guesswork out of this work and have a clear road map.
To preserve the quality of the coaching and this membership, we are only keeping the doors open for a limited time.
Get Instant access to the content, training, community and private coaching to help you take your life to the next level of fulfilment.
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Instant access
? No catches or contracts. Cancel anytime
Pay month by month
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Instant access
? No catches or contracts. 14 Day Money-back Guarantee
Save & pay per year
Note: These prices are for the beta launch only. They will go up in the future. But if you join now your price will be $39 a month for the rest of the time you remain a member, even when the price goes up.
 Think of it like a gym or yoga membership for the internal mind, body & soul. This is the equivalent to two yoga classes a month, half the price of one personal training session, and a1/3 of a cup of coffee a day!
  Got a question? Contact [email protected]
Is this for beginners or advanced?
It doesn't matter where you are at with this work as everyone who does the work will benefit over the long-term.  All people with all abilities are welcome :)
Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
There are no catches. You can cancel your subscription anytime by simply dropping us a quick email.
How do I know if I'm ready for this?
If you have an itch inside of you that you struggle to scratch, or a yearning for more that you can't quite put your finger on... then you're ready ;) If all you did was say 'I'm gonna go all in for 3 months, give it my best and see what happens', I'd be really surprised if you weren't better off mentally, emotionally and physically than you are right now.
Do I have instant access to your meditations and all the content?
Yes, you will have instant access to all the content and the mp3 meditations which are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced. These meditations are specifically designed to support the work within the academy.
What time are your live morning meditations?
At this stage they are 5.45am and we all finish by 6.10am. These are generally 3 time a month and are usually on Wednesday or Thursday mornings. These will increase in the future.
What time are your live group intentions?
At this stage they are 7.30pm - 8.15pm. These are generally once every 3-4 weeks on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. It all depends on the availability on the person within the academy receiving the intention. These will increase in the future.
What time are your live masterclasses?
These vary each month. They are either held lunch time or at this stage they are 7.30pm - 8.30pm once every 4-5 weeks. They are also recorded in video and audio so you can listen anytime at your leisure.
I can't make any of the live classes. Is it worth me joining?
Honestly? 100% yes. I whole-heartedly believe that the value you get from the support from myself and the community, the program itself and the masterclasses supersedes a years subscription, let alone a months worth.
Do I need a Facebook account to join this program?
No. Though some members who don't use Facebook have set up an account under a different name solely for this Facebook group. That way they can engage with the community, as there's not many people outside of this group talking about this work or who understand it ;) But it's not necessary.
Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?
If you want a result, you need to take action... it's as simple as that. And I truly believe if you want to really succeed, you will need support, a road map, community and accountability. Ask anyone who overcome a part of themselves that was holding them back, they will say they had these things in place.
What if I join and don't use it?
Then you won't get the results. I can show you the terrain you need to help you get to your destination, but you have to walk the path.
I'm still not sure if the academy is right for me?
If there is nothing I've made clear, I would LOVE it that you'd email us with any question or concerns I haven't answered at [email protected]
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