Let Go & Live In Flow Workshop
Matt Omo & Guy Lawrence Presents
A Powerful Immersive One Day Meditation Workshop

- Brisbane
- Canberra
- Newcastle
- Melbourne

  Video taken from the 3 day Let Go & Live In Flow Retreat
Demystifying Meditation, Neuroscience & Sound To Create Transformation From The Inside Out
1 Day Workshop Dates & Bookings
 Aug 6th/9th - 3 Day Retreat
 Aug 22nd/25th - 3 Day Retreat
 Sunday, Sep 8th - Melbourne
 Saturday, Sep 21st - Brisbane
 Saturday, Oct 26th - Sydney
 Sunday, Oct 27th - Canberra
 Saturday, Nov 23rd - Sydney
 Sunday, Nov 24th - Newcastle
Jan 3rd/06th 2020 - 3 Day Retreat
Jan 9th/12th 2020 - 3 Day Retreat

Let Go & Live In Flow

Retreat from your lives for 3 days

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About Matt Omo...

Matt is a leader of the sound healing movement in Australia with over 15 years experience working with a variety of sound healing techniques bridging cultures and traditions from around the world.

Over the last five years, the reach of Matt’s work has stretched across Australia and beyond benefiting thousands of people around the world. This is accomplished through workshops, speaking at health and wellness events and festivals, as well as leading sound journeys in corporate settings.

The work and awareness around sound healing and its benefits are growing every day. Matt is developing new programs and products to meet this need and continue to support people in discovering the benefits of the healing power of sound.

About Guy Lawrence...
In 2010 Guy co-founded health & wellness company 180 Nutrition. He has spent the last 15 years turning over every stone within the health industry to find out what actually truly makes us happy, healthy and strong and live a fulfilled life.

At the beginning of 2018, Guy stepped down from 180 Nutrition to start his new project Let It In. s

-  Within 3 years, 180 Nutrition gained national media, became a multi-million dollar company and their podcast (with the same name) racked up over 2 million download over a 3 year period. This was achieved from making heart-based decisions (hint).

-  Spent 5 days at a blind-study meditation retreat and generated the same amount of electricity in his body than an electric eel (true story).

- Spent 5 days with Wim Hof (The Ice Man) exploring cold-exposure, breath work & meditation to explore and master your own bodies responses and mind.

-  Had his brain measured by neuroscientists and produced the same brain wave states of a buddhist monk of 40 years
Do You Have A Yearning For More?
In a world of information, knowledge is not enough. To live the life you truly want, you have to go after it. Take the right knowledge and apply it. You have to embody it at a being level, not just at a intellectual level. Once you truly understand this, magic can happen!

Experiencing and working with sound can:
  • Help self-regulate your body emotions, and thoughts
  • Feel happy, peaceful and maintain more harmony in your life.
  • Help you manage stress better
  • Clear the noise in your mind and improve your concentration
  • Rejuvenate body by decreasing stress hormones.
Demystifying meditation & neuroscience can:
  • Have more control over your habits, feeling and emotions
  • Help overcome road blocks and fears in your life
  • Calm the monkey mind
  • Gain more clarity in the direction in your life
  • Fulfil a deeper yearning inside of you

"Much love and gratitude to Guy for brining his awesome #letitin meditation workshop to @crossfitironlion. Guy’s passion for this work is infectious and he is definitely one of the driving forces helping to bring what were once considered fringe concepts into the mainstream. Hopefully we are not too far from a time when these kind of practices are considered standard parts of health prescriptions and school curriculums."

 - Luke Steiger - Owner Crossfit Iron Lion

“It is an extraordinary process of self discovery and profound personal development. Matt is a highly gifted and very intuitive Teacher . His Process draws on many unique methods that have been developed over his extensive career. This work is life changing. An incredible inner journey” 

– Lara H.

Develop Your Brains Potential

Learn tools to help master your mind, take control of old habits, beliefs, perceptions and set yourself up for success.

Strengthen Heart Intelligence

Discoveries show the heart is not just a pump. Learn the techniques to tap into it's true strength & help guide you.

Learn New Meditation Skills

Science is now showing how effective meditation is on the body. Learn simple skills to help influence the body & mind.

Experience Powers Of Sound

Practised for thousands of years, they are designed to connect people to their authentic truth of who you really are.

 Press Play - These Videos are 1 minute long
Full Interviews Available on the Guy Lawrence Podcast
Purposeful conversations that go beyond conventional health, wealth & wisdom to inspire transformation.
  What Other People Are Saying:
"...we put such a big focus on what's going on internally within the body, lie realigning someone biochemistry or gut gut health.
But the last frontier for us to help get the members the results they want, is really what's going on in their brain..."
David O'Brien
Owner of 5th Element Wellness
"...we went so deep so quickly, it was a little bit of a whirlwind.
The information just blew my mind, and the keys I got out of it were like... wow!
If you're sitting on the fence, just do it. What have you got to lose?"
AJ Ley
Civil Engineer
"...I've worked with many performance coaches in the past, spending up to $3500 a month... this is a fraction of that and I'm getting more of an outcome! 
I think what you've got here is very special and it's applicable to anybody..."
Sean L'Estrange
Owner of New Image PT
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